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Swimming twice around Manhattan

It’s 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10. I arrive with my team at the North Cove Marina, where Erika and Mayra are already with their respective teams. Erika surprises me; she is barely 20


I’m nine weeks away from attempting to swim twice around Manhattan. The path has been less glamorous or interesting than the one I followed before many of my previous swims. The day and time

What´s next? (English version)

On Friday I turned 63. Of all the times that my birthday has fallen on Holy Week, such as this year, the only one I remember is that of 1965. On that occasion, my

The Gallstone

Mental health is moving on to something else. Jean Allouch[1] To everyone who accompanied me on this journey: First it was the vomiting. From early in the swim, I started having trouble retaining the

Jellyfish and the Sensei

Last week—the twenty-seventh of my training process for a double crossing attempt of the English Channel—I had an encounter with the jellyfish of Cabo San Lucas. On my third day of training, Diego Rivas


As with many special things, this began with something that was not planned: an invitation from Jaime Delgado to meditate on the 31st in the morning. I agreed, and after completing my fitness homework,


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