As with many special things, this began with something that was not planned: an invitation from Jaime Delgado to meditate on the 31st in the morning. I agreed, and after completing my fitness homework, I headed to his place.

Our sessions are usually at 5 in the morning, but that day we met at 7. I had never been at his house during the day, so the view of the volcanoes from his window impressed me. The Popo and Izta were there, in all their majesty, under a blue sky and a sun that was slowly rising.

I settled into my usual spot, crossed my legs, and when I was ready to start, Jaime surprised me with a sheet of paper and a pen. “Let’s do an exercise first,” he said. “I want you to write down one to three things that you let go this year and that will make you a better person next year. Then, establish what you are going to substitute these things with: the three things you want to improve, achieve or have this year, to fill the space that was occupied by the ones you let go. Finally, write down what gift you want to receive.”

Ideas flowed quickly, and within seconds I had my answers. He then proceeded with the following explanation: “In the period between the full moons of June 5 and December 29, a gestation cycle took place and rebirth began. The transition period started in 1947, with the end of the Pisces age, and culminated on December 21, when the transition ended and the new Aquarian age began. It is called the “age of awakening consciousness,” a moment to let go. This is because the planets, mainly Jupiter and Saturn, were retrograde. However, that changed on December 21 and, since then, it is time to start over, to be reborn.”

Then, we plunged into other dimensions. Jaime began guiding me and the energy soon started flowing. First, I visualized most of my body surrounded by a bubble and began the process of clearing my mind. Little by little I channeled the energy to the lower part of my abdomen, towards my tan tiem, until I made it shine brightly. Gradually, I realized how my entire body was filled with light and a feeling of peace flooded my brain.

Jaime alerted me to the presence of a ray of orange light. It entered my head and went through my entire body. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The temperature in the room where we were meditating dropped suddenly; I had to concentrate not to be distracted.

In the last stage, he asked me to remember the gift I had asked for and to see and feel it in my heart. Finally, he told me: “You have had a breakthrough. Now I see how you emanate a very intense violet light; you have taken a big step.” He explained further: “Violet reflects the high spiritual level of a soul and how far it can go in this life. Spirituality does not depend on how many meditation courses a person takes, but manifests itself through evolved thoughts and actions.”

Then he specified what this meant for me: “In your case, the violet light describes a very practical spirituality and consciousness, focused on the well-being of groups of people, and now you will enter an accelerated process of evolution. Spiritual energetic changes are first seen in the energy and then in the life of the person. Big changes await you and we have to be prepared. The goal in this initial stage is just to observe without making judgments; just observe.”

We returned slowly and opened our eyes. The questions Jaime posed at the beginning and what I had written echoed in my mind. Gradually, I understood why during the year I had abandoned some things and let go of others. I had put on the table everything that caused me anguish, fear, boredom, and tension, everything that led me to question even whether I should continue swimming and my personal relationships.

I understood why I had asked for the gift I asked for, as well as why, in those moments of trance, my being had made progress. I had asked for peace and calm, and I had gotten it.