March 17, 2017

The sun is still shining. After three days of cold and rainy weather, yesterday and today it has been brilliant. On the other hand, while yesterday there was less wind, today it blew with intensity. Wellington is known for its winds, we’ve been told.

We still do not know when we will leave. Experience tells us that we will probably have a chance on Sunday. We decided make this our operating assumption and have begun tapering off the training: less intensity out of the water, less time in it.

Arriving at the beach, there was obviously a significant difference in the weather. Yesterday, according to Windguru, the winds in the region were at 4 knots, while today they’re at 20. We get into the water and immediately feel the difference.

The tall waves block out the buoy, so I have to find another reference point on the horizon and focus on my stroke so as not to injure myself. The trip out to the buoy takes a little longer today, with the wind and waves moving me from side to side. This, I think, will be the worst of the swimming. I am happy I was able to enjoy the day before.

The waves are pushing us on the way back. In the end it will take us the same time as yesterday, but the feeling is different now. We feel as if we are floating on the waves.

We finished and found the whole team waiting for us on the beach. I got the obligatory question: “How do you feel?”

“All right—ready to swim on Sunday.”

We’ll see if I do.